miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018

The Theatre: ESO 3 DBH multilingual project, "a hand-programme"

This school year the students from ESO 3 DBH have worked on the multilingual project: THE THEATRE. The English task was to create a hand programme. First, we learnt about the most famous theatres in the world, then students chose a theatre, surfed the internet to get information about it and made a powerpoint with this information.
Here you can see some examples:

Next they looked for the play that was being performed at the moment. Finally they created the hand programmes you can enjoy in the following video.

miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018

T-COM Second Term


This term our T-COM students started questioning themselves about the concept of Literature. They studied the different genres, the types of narrators, the kinds of plots and techniques to narrate a story. Afterwards, they learned about the different great writers in English; both in The United Kingdom and in The United States. Among the various periods in history, they chose one and went more deeply into a representative author. They analised a writer's production and a specific piece of work and presented it to the class.



Why do we talk about The Roman Empire if It was also a republic and a monarchy at a certain time?  These and some other questions have been studied in this second term. Romulus and Remus, The Etruscans, Roman society, everyday life in the cities and in the country, the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire, architecture and many more, have been the topics that the students of 4th DBH-ESO have worked with this term. It has been an active learning. After reading the information in the textbook, the students completed some questions on the topic , then they had to look for information to spread their knowledge and finally they had to present a project to the class. Let's have a look!

viernes, 12 de enero de 2018



The students of 1st DBH-ESO have already finished their multilingual project. With regard to English language, the students have worked on healthy diet. They have studied vocabulary related to food, have watched videos on nutrients: proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc. and have learned about the frequency and the correct portions of food. They have also studied the different ways to administrate food by means of the food pyramid and the present PLATE. In order to learn about healthy eating, the students have chosen a specific type of person, his/her age, the type of physical exercise this person takes and have distributed the food in five intakes. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Finally, they have created posters with the information and presented them orally to the class. This is a video  showing their work.

lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2017


The students of T-COM class (3rd DBH-ESO) have finished their first project. It was based on music and its history. They first started having a look at vocaburay related to music, instruments and an orchestra. Later, they did some activities about the history of music and the different music genres all over the world. Then, they had to get into groups to start with their project. First, they had to choose a XXth C. decade and investigate about the important cultural, political or economic facts of that time. Then they had to give the class a general view of the music genres and musical trends of that decade. Next, they had to focus on a band or singer to analise the kind of music and show the evolution of the artist. Finally, they had to prepare an activity for the class in the form of a karaoke song or something similar. Here are some examples of their productions.

viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2017



This is the first time our school is having the subject of Classical Culture in English. This is a new experience for all of us but at the same time it is being fun. We have started studying Ancient Greece.
We have read about its geographical situation, the history of the Greeks, the main polis, the different wars among them, religion and rituals, daily life, and much more. Afterwards we answered to specific questions related to the theory and then, we surfed the net looking for information that didn't appear in our worksheets. Finally we used  powerpoint to work on a project about a specific subject and presented it orally to the class. Have a look!